Technology Consultation Services


Business Needs

With over 20 years of experience working with small and medium sized businesses, I understand your needs and can help you with your business technology.

Friendly Service

Helpdesk, System Administration, Network Support, Data Backups and more. I will listen to your needs and help you find solutions.

Helpdesk Support

Having a full-time Helpdesk on staff doesn't make financial sense for you. Most of your needs are met but you just need a tech person available to help out once in awhile.

Web Development

Maybe you need a simple website. Something that establishes your business presence and communicates your products and services to your customers and won't cost a fortune to maintain.

Data Backups

Do you backup your data? If not, you should. There are many ways to backup your data. Let's discuss the option that works best for you.

Reasonable Cost

Technology solutions don't have to be expensive. Today there are many affordable options for you that will suit your business needs.

Tech Services

Simple and affordable price plans for all your technology needs.

Web Site Development


5 Per Day

10 Per Day

Unlimited Usage

Data Backups

$X / mo



Unlimited Usage


$x / mo




Whether it's Windows, Mac or Linux I can help.