• Setting Up Ubuntu 22.04 LTS with DLNA, Samba, Mounting External USB Disks, and RDP

    In this guide, I’ll walk you through setting up an Ubuntu 22.04 LTS system with the following features:

  • Navigating Git and GitHub: A Refresh on Branch Management and Commit Strategies

    Recently, I revisited some fundamental Git operations while updating my GitHub Pages repository. This post serves as a refresher on some essential commands and procedures that are crucial for maintaining a streamlined development process.

  • Hosting with GitHub and Managing Domains: A Guide

    GitHub provides three primary types of web hosting: personal pages, organization pages, and project pages. While there are private pages available too, that’s a topic for another day. In this post, we’ll dive into how these pages work and how I manage my domains using Cloudflare.

  • Managing Jekyll Configurations for Local and GitHub Deployment

    I’ve been diving into the world of Jekyll, a simple and blog-aware static site generator, for some time now, and I’ve gathered a wealth of knowledge that I’m excited to share. One aspect that has been particularly challenging for me was figuring out how to run Jekyll both locally and on GitHub after pushing an update. Let me share with you the journey of what I’ve discovered and a smart solution that makes the process far less cumbersome.

  • How to Change the Default Branch Name to "main"

    Hello there! Welcome to another tech-savvy update from techsnazzy.com. I’ve got something special to share with you about the fascinating world of website hosting.

  • Quick Guide to Getting Up and Running with Jekyll

    Here’s a quick guide on how I set up my Jekyll site and hosted it using GitHub Pages. I’ll walk you through the entire process step by step, covering everything from the basics to creating your first posts and introducing git (I’ll expand on git in a future post).

  • My New Gaming Computer

    I finally decided to bite the bullet and get a gaming computer. I mainly just play fortnite so didn’t want to break the bank on this. But I saw this computer on sale for Prime Day so I got it while the getting was good. Skytech Blaze 3.0 which has I5, 16GB RAM, 512 MVMe SSD, Nvidia RTX 3060. The link shows about $999 at the time I posted this but I paid about $849. Not bad. So far this computer has been pretty great for playing Fortnite. It even tested pretty well on userbenchmark.com.

  • Windows Server 2016 Primary Domain Controller in Active Directory

    If you’ve been following my previous posts, you’re aware that I’ve set up a cluster of virtual machines on my MacBook Pro 16. The primary goal? Setting up an Active Directory domain.

  • Create a Windows Server 2016 Active Directory Domain in VirtualBox

    After successfully binding an older MacBook Pro running macOS Catalina to a physical Windows Server 2016 Active Directory (AD) environment, I was eager to expand my knowledge and try my hand at something more complex.

  • Joining a MacBook Pro to Windows Server 2016 Domain Controller

    Now that my blog is set up and I’ve mapped out my plans, I embarked on constructing my small Active Directory network.

  • How to Build a Small Infrastructure for TechSnazzy

    A recent objective I embarked upon was to explore and potentially construct a modern IT infrastructure suitable for a small business. This is planned to be a long-term, ongoing project. I will undertake this initiative from my home, utilizing the resources I have, including on-premises servers, various cloud platforms, mobile devices, and more. A detailed list can be found below.

  • A Cat Tail of Milo the Brave Cat Who Was Lost for 10 Days

    If you ever lost your pet then this story is for you. This is the triumphant story of our brave, black and white, tuxedo cat, Milo.

  • I am now a Udacity, Grow With Google, Front-End Web Developer. Whoo Hoo!

    Udacity, Grow With Google, Front-End Web DeveloperHave you ever given up on something? I came close to giving up many times in the past couple years with completing the Udacity, Grow With Google, Front-End Web Developer course. But I’m glad I didn’t because on October 16th, 2018, after working nearly all year on this I finally completed the course and it was such a good feeling and sense of accomplishment. Here’s my story…

  • Learning JavaScript Callback Functions

    I had a bit of a break-through lately. Yesterday, I was going through the latter portion of Lesson 3 in Section 4 (the Exoplanet-Explorer section in the Udacity Front-End Web Developer course). I realized that if I didn’t truly understand callback functions then I would struggle going forward. I thought I knew them but it turns out I really didn’t (in fact this is probably true of many things so I’m not taking anything for granted now — when in doubt, reread the definition of the term and try to gain a better understanding of it).