Hey there, I’m Sean! I’ve been diving into the tech world since the mid-90s, and boy, what a ride it’s been! I started out on the assembly line, building computers from scratch and getting a real knack for making things tick. As the digital landscape evolved, so did my role. I moved from tinkering with hardware to becoming the go-to IT person in the room. Windows servers, networks, you name it – I’ve navigated through the tech maze.

Over time, I realized that what I love most is connecting the dots between the past and the present. It’s like blending grandma’s tried-and-true recipes with modern cooking techniques – the result is magical. That’s why I created TechSnazzy. It’s my way of bringing the best of both worlds to the table. No fancy jargon or flashy gimmicks – just real solutions that make sense for businesses today.

When I’m not buried in cables and code, you’ll find me soaking up the latest tech trends and sharing a good laugh with famaily and friends. So, whether you’re navigating the wild tech jungle or just looking for some straightforward advice, I’ve got your back. Let’s make tech work for you, without the fuss.